Sunday, 4 December 2011

Franz Josef New Zealand

We left Franz Josef kitted out with boots, socks, cramp-on's, waterproof trousers and jackets, a hat and gloves! Its only a few minutes up the road, and when you get their it doesn't look far but then you see the size of people and realise its a long walk. In total we walked for 7 hours of the day, on the Ice Glacier and pick-axed steps smashed into the ice, we chose between the fast, medium and slow groups, ranging from 1-6, we were in group 2, in small groups of 11. We crawled through ice caves and walked over huge crevasses.
It was surprisingly warm, I was wearing Leggings and a Long top and Hoodie, and did have to wear the jacket at one point, as we were all freezing, a troop of blue jackets stamping in the ice.
It was really sunny during the day and apart from a few clouds creeping in, the views were amazing and the sense of achievement walking up the Glacier was amazing (there were some pretty steep steps and taken at a breathtaking pace) we had a great time, but needed the free Hot pools included in the price afterwards!
Starting in the 36 degree pool, then 38, then the hot 40! was so relaxing...OK Sarah's legs still hurt a bit 2 days later though!

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