Monday, 27 February 2012

Mekong Delta Vietnam-Cambodia

room for one more?
You lot wont fit in that van!
Boat load of people

We booked a 3 day trip from Ho chi min city over the border to Cambodia on a boat.

The first day we were taken from Ho Chi Min to the Mekong where we were rowed on skinny boats down a small waterway filled with boats and narrow twist before being allowed to taste different drinks, honey, see Bees a snake. then we were taken to see coconut candy being made, tried the strong coconut wine (like vodka). we were then taken for lunch, where they had a crocodile enclosure. in the afternoon we were taken to Chau Duc we saw the beautiful Sam Mountain temple before being taken to the hotel and having a delicious dinner by the river including spring rolls, yum!
The second day we got up early and went to the floating markets where we had boats hook on to our boat to sell us coffee and fresh pineapple, then we saw how rice paper was made and went to a tropical orchid where Lee watched our guide playing Chinese Chess. We then headed to Cantho, there was a funeral in the shop front next door to our hotel, which was really odd to see, more like a 2 day wake with drummers a band and monks and nuns.
The next morning we went to a fish farm and caught a boat to the Cambodia border, where we had our visa's stamped at the smallest border office Ive seen so far, but a friendly border gaurd who actually smiled! we saw cute kids dive bombing into the water and waving as we drove past.
After a boat ride we were unceremonious hoisted on to a muddy bank with bemused white buffalo's onlooking then 16 of us (with luggage!) were squeezed with luggage onto a 12 seated bus and dropped in a random spot in Phnom Penh, where we negotiated with a tuk tuk to takes to the hotel area again 6 of us (and luggage) crammed into a 4 person tuk tuk cart.

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