Saturday, 25 February 2012

Xian China

Wild Goose Pagoda

Water set to music

Loving our Christmas hat

China happened to your cat?

We DIY's our trip to the Terracotta Warriors using the local bus system and it was so much cheaper than a tour. The complex is split up into 3 'Pits'. They are huge trenches that you look down into; Pit 1 the most famous had a lot of intact warriors and horses and chariots, all with different faces and their hair and costume denotes their status in the army.

Pit 2 shows you more of the structure of the original pit, which was accidentally ruined by people using the site as a cemetery themselves and cave in's on the structure.
This included the best preserved figures.
and an art exhibit by someone heavily influenced by the Terracotta warriors

Variety of hair styles.

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  1. Love this blog, really sad that we missed out on seeing the warriors. Great photo's! xx